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Savard’s Comeback…

We were pumped, like the rest of you, at the news today that Marc Savard is skating and looking a lot better. We were also encouraged, yet hesitant, at the news that he is trying to come back this series. He said he is still a bit away, but he is trying.

However, we’re calling his comeback tonight. Here’s how we see it going down (forgive our crappy photoshop skills… we’re working on it!):

Mid-way through the first period, the Bruins and Sabres are locked in  yet another epic duel. The score is 0-0 and due to Patrick Kaleta being a total idiot, the Bruins are on their 14th powerplay, having gone 0-13 so far. The Bruins are desperate and fading.

Krejci passes to Boychuk, who passses to Chara, who passes back to Krejci, who passes to Bergeron, who passes to Boychuk. Boychuk winds up to take a slapper… and the lights go out…

When the lights come back on, Savard is behind Ryan Miller in full gear!!!

Savard is back, and he is pissed! He nails Ryan Miller with a chair!!!!!!

Miller is down and Savard scores before Miller can recover!!!!


Savard’s WWF style entrance music pulses through the TD Garden speakers as the crowd erupts! But Marc Savard isn’t done. Oh no. He wants more. Savard charges towards the Buffalo locker room!

Inside, he finds Thomas Vanek on the trainer’s table, the trainer working on Vanek’s tender ankle. Savard pushes aside the trainer and throws Vanek to the floor! Oh no… he’s not going to… my god Savard has Vanek in the sharpshooter!

The hockey world is stunned. The refs know some kind of penalty should be given for Savard’s brutality here today, but they are scared. Savard releases his hold on Vanek and comes back out to center ice, flashing his championship belt.

Jim Ross is absolutely stunned, but still finds time to plug his business!

Inspired by Savard’s incredible comeback, the Bruins go on to defeat the Sabres 10-1. Ryan Miller is day-to-day with a chair imprint in his head and wounded pride.

At least, that is how we see it all going down.

Get well Marc. We miss you.