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Scott Norton blames Nathan Horton for Sestito hit, blames Bruins fans for Jacobs & NHL Lockout


Ladies & gentlemen, we believe we have a new contestant for Douche of the Year Award. And that new nominee is Tom Sestito Chip's agent, Scott Norton, who apparently is an awful human being and almost as irrelevent as his AHL client:


Ah, yes. Let's steal the GOP's reasoning and blame the victim for the crimes against them. Clearly Horton shouldn't have let Sestito "Matt Cooke" him there. Clearly. Norton goes on to say that the hit was clean and legal. We imagine Norton's face looked a  lot like this as he was writing that tweet:

Here's the hit.


Clean as Greg's toilette after he ate Indian. Norton also went on to point out Bruins players who have injured other players because every hit that leads to injury is the same and well, if they can do it so can my shitty, untalented client. It's a pretty dumb mentality. We can only imagine what Norton would've done if someone tweeted something about one of his injured clients. Best part is he publishes a classless tweet but then rips others for sending him classless tweets, furthering the Internet's endeavor to take all meaning out of the overused word "classless."

Of course, Bruins fans ripped Norton a new one, so he tried changing the subject by blaming Bruins fans for Jeremy Jacobs.


Trololololol. We can only imagine this sounded a lot better in Norton's shiny head. 

S/T to PuckDaddy for the story. They have a good take on it. Check out Lambert's and our buddy Jeff Israel's twitter accounts for some funny Norton snark.