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Second Look: Tuukka Rask pickpockets Martin Havlát

Because it was such a sweet save, we felt the need to post the video of Tuukka Rask’s diving save from last night on Wild’s Martin Havlát.

We just came a little in our pants.

More fun after the jump…

Here’s another angle… of the save, sickos.

This save caught even Jack Edwards off guard who had no crazy metaphor to sputter out and butcher. We’re almost disappointed. 

This might be Tuukka’s second best save (that we can think of). Only one that might be better was the superman save against the Buffalo Sabers last April, and that’s because it was during a tied-game in the playoffs. 

Gotta admit it: Even though Tuukka has been getting little playing time so far, he gives the Bruins a chance to win every night. Kid’s a stud.

Now if the Bruins would play well in front of him, we might be able to see that Thomas-Rask combo we’ve been hearing about since the summer.