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Seidenberg from way down town. BRUINS WIN!

So here’s the deal. Day jobs raping us today and everyone in DOY who saw the game last night are at the Rise Against show tonight. That leaves little ol’ me who was out stabbing people in the face all night at fencing to do the recap. So this is gonna be short and sweet; no use pretending like I know what happened.

So fuck it. Here are the higlights:

Of course, the big goal of the night was Seidenberg’s game winner from the redline. Pretty sure this puck was gonna go wide, too.

Seidenberg doesn’t score often, but when he does, he makes NHL goalies look like assholes.

Meanwhile the Buffalo Sabres an Montreal Canadiens were talking shit about which team was more psychologically damaged by the Boston Bruins over the past couple of season. All in all….