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Shanahan seems to be obsessed with Brad Marchand

Brad Marchand Brendan Shanahan
Brendan Shanahan went on WEEI this morning to talk about his job and what he and the NHL are trying to accomplish. Good stuff, but goold ol’ Shanny comes off as being Brad Marchand obsessed.

From WEEI:

“We had a conversation with Peter Chiarelli on the phone after the low hit on Emelin, which I didn’t think was as low as Salo. I didn’t think deserved a suspension,” he said. “There was just stuff about that hit that just sort of stunk. It wasn’t smart to be tempting fate almost as low. There was 1.6 seconds left in the period, it was in the offensive zone.

“It’s not illegal to hit a guy with 1.6 seconds left. It’s not. You can hit a guy whenever you want. But there were things about that hit … it was low again. It seemed from his remarks after the first suspension that he sort of didn’t get it. So we had a really good forceful conversation that didn’t result in a fine or a suspension, but I hope we got to him.”

What the fuck is a forceful conversation? Is that like verbal rape? Also, is Shanny also calling himself Fate? What an ego trip.

We’re just busting on Shanny — he was asked about Brado. But Brad Marchand might be the only player to not get suspended for a hit but still have Brendan Shanahan tweet how much he didn’t like it.

The interview with Shanny also talked about why Malkin didn’t get suspended for his hit on Boychuk and that he gets tweets from every team’s fan about conspiracies. In reality, we think people want consistency. And to himself, Shanny is being consistent; it just doesn’t look that way to everyone else. Shanny seems to look for a ton of nuances in the play to decide if it’s worthy of a hearing or not. One small detail completely changes if it’s just a bad hit or a suspendable one. On one hand this is great as the devil is in the details, but on another it creates a lot of confusion among fans and possibly players, and a ton of “why is this hit suspendable but this one isn’t?”

Here’s the full interview. It’s good stuff.

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