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Shanahan: Still open season on Bruins, no suspension for Turris

Ughhh…. soooooo…. yea….


“After reviewing the video extensively as we heard Turris’ explanation of how the play developed, we concluded that the head was not targeted intentionally or even recklessly and that the circumstances surrounding the hit contributed significantly to the amount of head contact that resulted.”

That image above shows that it was, at best, a reckless shot to the head. Forearm is at the neck and shoulder is right at the head. Plus it came from the blindside. oh, and he left his feet. Here’s the video again:

Holy fucking shit.

We were really big fans of Shanahan at the beginning of the year but now he’s just a joke. Between this hit and the Sestito headshot on Horton that went unsuspended things have just gotten awful. He’s gone out of his way to criticize Marchand for a minor penalty but thinks this headshot is clean as can be. Absolutely awful. It’s still open season on the Boston Bruins. Have at thee, NHL. What a joke.

What’s the biggest different between the Bruins and other NHL teams and these non-suspension calls? Claude Julien and the Bruins don’t bitch and whine to the media about demanding a suspension. They take the high road. They shrug it off and say “We’ll let the league handle that” and that’s all is said. What has that gotten the Bs? No suspensions on clear shots to heads of their players. It’s sad when crying to the media is the only way to get rules enforced.