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Shanny declares open season on Bruins, no call for Sestito

Nathan Horton VERSUS fail
It’s Tuesday morning and no news on if Tom Sestito is going to have to answer for giving Nathan Horton a mild concussion for his blindside headshot on Sunday.  We asked Haggs if he heard anything:

Remember when Shanahan actually took his job seriously and was suspended guys for headshots? Remember when the Boston Bruins had Colin Campbell in their back pocket? Good times. Apparently Shanny only suspends guys in Bruins sweaters now. If that was Lucic or Marchand throwing that hit the entire league would’ve been shitting their pants over it. But Bruins don’t make a big deal about it and, of course, nothing happens. Looks like Shanny bends toward the mob’s demands. Sad, really. Ference got three games for no injury hit and Sestito is getting nothing for his Rule 48 headshot.

Open season against the Bruins, we guess. Ruff is probably stoked. Hopefully the Bs have been practicing their best exorcism impression. 

Really not sure how that doesn’t at least get a phone call, let alone a suspension.

What a fucking joke.