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Shawn Thornton wears visor.. APRIL FOOLS! Wait, what?

Thanks to an unfortunate incident, the third greatest NHL player of all time got a nasty cut over his right eye. This just makes him look more like a BA.

Then some douchenozzle said some stuff. We’re still wondering why the Chicago newspaper would interview some homeless person off the streets about the whole incident. Slow newsday.

We weren’t overly worried about Twos. Guy’s a stud.

But then some odd photos surfaced via Bish and Naoko of Shawn Thornton wearing a visor (see above).
Clearly this image has either 1) been altered  or 2) not really Thornton. That could be anyone wearing a helmet and visor. Where’s his face!? That could be Mark Recchi for all we know.

Another photo then appeared of “Shawn Thornton” wearing a visor. Horseshit. Next thing they’ll tell us is that Bigfoot was in attendance.

Oh….nevermind then.