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Should Marc Savard Get His Name on the Cup?

We’ve been so busy celebrating the fact that the Bruins won the Cup that we admittedly forgot about this important question until Puck Daddy brought it up today.

Should Marc Savard get his name on the Stanley Cup?

Savard doesn’t meet the NHL’s criteria to get his name on the Cup, as stated in the Puck Daddy article, but the Bruins are pushing to get his name engraved regardless.

We’ve seen a surprisingly amount of back and forth from friends, readers, etc in regards to the subject.

In our opinion, Savard’s name should be on the Cup. Yes, he didn’t play a single game in the playoffs and was marginally effective in his limited schedule this year because of concussion issues but Savard was a big part of a group of players that made the Bruins respectable again and brought them out of the basement.

The Chara and Savard signings were some of the first steps on a long path to where the Bruins are now and love him or hate him Savard helped on that path and in our opinion you can’t forget the guys that helped you get there just because an injury robbed them of regular season and post season games during Boston’s Cup run.

Some are saying he shouldn’t get his name on the Cup because he’s kept his distance from the Bruins for the most part and rarely came to Boston during the Cup run. To those of you with that argument, we pose the following…

Say you’re Marc Savard. You’re at home watching a team you helped grow drive towards a Cup while you’re future is in doubt. You love playing hockey but due to a cheap shot and some bad luck afterwards not only are you not playing with your friends and teammates in the playoffs but you may never play hockey again. Watching that and participating would likely be incredibly painful, not to mention he’s still having symptoms and travel probably isn’t great for him.

There have always been rumors that Savard wasn’t well liked in the locker room and that his attitude would not have fit in well with the band of brothers that won this Cup. Unless you’re in the locker room yourself it is impossible to know and rumors are just rumors until one of the Bruins comes out and confirms that, which would likely never happen.

Savard has made a lot of money in his career and has a promising golf career awaiting him when he does retire. He could’ve just called it quits after the Cooke hit, but he tried to come back to help bring the Cup to Boston and unfortunately for him his season was cut short again. That is some real sacrifice right there.

So thoughts from yous guys and gals. Yes or no to Savard’s name on the Cup?