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SIGN: Somebody Call 911

Not gonna lie. We’re stoked for tomorrow night’s game. Also, a bear shits in the woods, right? We don’t think it’ll be a bloodbath like some people are hoping/predicting, but the opportunities for both sides to get some good digs and chants are limitless.

We’ve got one for Bruins fans to run with, compliments of DOY friend Victoria:

Love it. We’re willing to extend this idea to any big hits tomorrow night.

And, because it’s how we do things, we’ve taken it a step further and created some “Somebody Call 911” signs for you to download. It’ll fit on your standard 8×11 paper. Full-size download links after the image.

Full Size JPG
Full Size PDF 

This would be right up there with “Thank You, Kessel.” Make it happen, Boston.

Prediciton: If this chant happens and Montreal fans flood twitter with “Bruins fans are classless” tweets. Mark it.