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Sidney Crosby blames David Krejci

Today Sidney Crosby held his 100th press conference since getting his bells run back in January. The news: he’s had a setback and is missing some games to make sure he’s alright.

Who does he blame? Bruins biggest goon, David Krejci, of course.

Via Joe Haggerty on Twitter:

“If you had to look at one hit then yeah…if anything it was probably that one. It was a good one.” — Crosby

Here’s video of the hit again. Still doesn’t look like an elbow. If anyone has a better quality video or angle, send it our way.

Here’s the thing. If that “hit” is the reason why Crosby is sitting out a few games and not his mid-ice collision with his own teammate, than Crosby probably shouldn’t have been on the ice. That’s an innocent battle along the boards for the puck. That’s about as low intensity of a hit you’re ever going to see in the NHL. Our grandmothers dish out harder hits.

Good ol’ Don Cherry says Crosby needs to stop looking for trouble. And remember, Krejci means “lucifer, king of the underworld” in Czech, per @sarah_connors.

UPDATE: Our buddy @Poit77 found a better angle of the Krejci-Crosbly elbow — watch it here. It’s a lot more visious than originally thought.