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Singing Rene Rancournaments Night: It’s better than Hallmark

The above Rene Rancournaments can be yours if you’re one of the lucky first 10,000 fans at the Ducks-Bruins game on Monday, December 20th.

This is the greatest thing to happen since Mr. Rene Rancourt himself was born and graced us all with his golden pipes.

We don’t think Rene was drunk.

The entire DOY staff will be on attendance, probably camping out overnight to get our hands on what might be the best thing since the Florida Panthers yarmulke, and definitely the best NHL Christmas prize out there.

Speaking of the Great Panthers Yarmulke Disaster — the Rancourt ornaments are only for the first 10,000 fans and won’t be sold in stores (check eBay after the game though), so if you want one, buy tickets now.

No word on which Christmas class Rancourt sings in the ornament. We’re looking into it, so stay tuned.