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Sir Chara & His Day with the Holy Grail

Lotta people in the media are making a big deal about Tomas Kaberle being with a bunch of guys in pink overalls, a keytar and, of course, Kaberle wielding a sword and sheild.

Same thing with Chara’s Cup banquet in a medieval castle today. Huge deal in America. Really though, this is just how they roll across the pond. 

Being in America/Canada, we North Americaners tend to forget that it’s Europe… y’know, where the history comes from.

Everyone in Europe has castles and so a banquet in a medieval castle is just called Sunday morning brunch for the Chara clan.

Luckily, we’ve done some digging, so us castle-less Americans and Canadians can get a feel for what’s going on with the Cup this week.

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First when you arrive ar Castle Chara you’ll be greated by the lord of the land himself, Sir Zdeno of Chara.

To strike both fear and awe into your souls, Sir Chara will first show all the great spoils of war he and his Men of the Bruin earned through the past few war seasons.

Guarding this keep is none only but the White Wizard — Timothy, son of Thomas.

From there you’ll be brought into the Great Hall of the Garden where you’ll be fed the most mouth watering roasted pig, succulant fruit and veggies and all of the mead you can fit in your drinking horn or mug. Of course, Chara drinks mead out of the only vessel worthy of such a brave and heroic man — The Stanley Cup.

Fighting, of course, is allowed at Castle Chara, but be sure to be on your best behavior, lest you get thrown into the dungeon of Castle Chara where you’ll find some great instruments of torture run by some very unsympathetic men.

And, of course, they are lead by the one and only Sir John of Boychuk, who learned a lot of new ways to hurt people in his trip to Prague last fall.

You’ll also get your chance to learn the ancient art of sniping… through archery.

And of course, you’ll meet the great Bruin god — Shawn Thor(nton)

The next morning you’ll be able to see Sir Chara and the Bruins bid farewell to their comrade, Sir Tomas of Kaberle, who will be leaving for the mythical lands of Carolina to save a princess.

It promises to be a ye ol’ excellent well time.