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Smartest school in US to name Bruins ‘Best Sports Team Ever’

The Harvard Lampoon is honoring the Boston Bruins tomorrow as the “Best Sports Team Ever.” We suppose this settles things. You know it’s legit when Harvard says it’s so. Wonder what MIT has to say about all this hooha.

Not sure what’s the bigger story: The Bruins being honored with yet another celebration or the fact that there are people who go to Harvard who have enough of a sense of humor to run a comedy magazine.

From Harvard Lampoon’s website:

The Bruins players will be at Harvard on Sunday, October 16th, to accept the award publicly. A parade featuring the players will leave from the Lampoon Castle to Brattle Street in Harvard Square, where a Bruins-themed street festival will be waiting. The festival will last from 1 – 6 PM and will feature live entertainment, as well as various Bruins-themed attractions and booths from local restaurants and businesses. The entire Boston community will be invited to attend this ceremony at which the Bruins players are expected to give an acceptance speech.

Who will be there? According to Boston.com: Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand, Tyler Seguin, Shawn Thornton, Johnny Boychuk and Andrew Ference.

What? No Bartkowski? 

More details about the event here.