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Some joke on Shawn Thornton: ‘I’ll kick the shit out of him.’

Chicago’s semi-resident retard decided to talk tough today.

Your reaction was probably like ours. “Who the fuck is John Scott?”

Answer… We still don’t know.

It’s real easy to talk crap when you’re 6’8, 260 pounds and won’t be facing the Bruins for another year (if ever, in Scott’s case). He didn’t even play in the Boston game. In fact, he hardly plays at all — 40 GP. What a fucking joke. Have fun rotting away in the minors.

Other things you should know about John Scott:

* He picks on kids waiting for the school bus… while he’s safely locked away in his home (windows shut; doors barred)
* John Walter Scott is better known than John Scott and JWS collected stamps for a living.
* Joel Quenneville doesn’t even know who John Scott is.
* Shawn Thornton has more points than John Scott.
* He’s a sopping vagina

Things more relevant than John Scott (quick list):
New York Mets, Cleveland Cavaliers, Godzilla, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Bill O’Riely, Montreal’s turnbuckle, War of 1812, Spanish Armada, grenadine, claymores, empty jars of whiskey, bowling, jerking off

Top 10 things John Scott sucks at:
1. Hockey
2. Hockey
3. Hockey
4. Hockey
5. Hockey
6. Hockey
7. Hockey
8. Hockey
9. Hockey
10. Making love to a woman

The Nightmare of Causeway Street is waiting for you.