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Somehow Christ Kelly doesn’t win Seventh Player Award

Chris Kelly, Tyler Seguin Boston Bruins Seventh Player Award
Not sure how, but somehow Christ Kelly didn’t win this year’s Seventh Player Award. Instead it went to current goal-scoring leader Tyler Seguin.

Seguin has 27 goals, 38 assists and is a +32 through 80 games this season. He’s tied for team-lead in goal scoring and just two assists back of Chara for assists. So there’s no doubt that the kid’s been good. But Seguin winning the Seventh Player Award goes to show that there’s a lot of horny teenage girls with Internet access and/or that a lot of the new Bruins fans have no fucking clue what the award is about. It’s meant to go to the player who went well beyond expectations. Seguin wasn’t that guy for the team.

Now, this isn’t a knock on Seguin at all. He’s picked his production up in his sophomore year and has been a huge part of the team. But when you’re the #2 overall draftpick and are labeled as the second coming of *Insert Diety*, when you lead the team in goals scored, you’re not going above and beyond the call of duty or beating expectations. You’re meeting them. ‘Tis the life as an All-Star. The award isn’t meant for All-Stars, it’s meant for the underrated players who are vital to the team.

Kelly, however, has been an absolute beast for the Bruins. Him getting 20 goals this season is definitely going beyond expectations, all the while his defensive game has never slipped (he’s a +32 and a huge penalty killer for Boston). Impressive for a third-line center that no one in Boston really knew until last sping.

We would’ve accepted Peverly as a finalist, too. Maybe Ference as the Dark Horse candidate. Greg was pulling for Marty Turco.

Yea, this is a mere trifle in the grand scheme of things. We just hate to see the award lose it’s meaning. We’re not angry, just disappointed.

Past winners: Brad Marchand (2011), Tuukka Rask (2010), David Krejci (2009) and Milan Lucic (2008).

Here’s video of Seguin getting his award.