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Speaking of Marchand, here’s Hal Gill’s knee on knee hit with Rich Peverly

USS Hal Gill
While everyone is shitting themselves over Marchand’s minor clipping penalty (apparently people feel that minor penalties are suspension worthy now — that’s how mad NHL fans are right now), people totally forgot this hit by the USS Hal Gill on Rich Peverly. Knee on knee.

Peverly didn’t return after this. There was no penalty called either.

It’s clearly knee to knee but not sure if this was a deliberate knee-on-knee hit since Gill was already in a wide, “I’m ready to shit” stance. He does tries throwing a high elbow at Pevs’ head, though. That’s gone unnoticed by people since everyone’s looking below the belt. Hey, eyes up here, boys. Looks like he connects with the upmost part of Pevs shoulder though.

Prediction: No call from Shanny because he’s not a Bruin.

Typical montreal

Hopefully the injury isn’t serious. Bruins line chemistry is already out of whack because of the loss of Horton.

Image by ThePensBlog