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Speed Dating With Tyler Seguin

Jam out with your clam out ladies because this is real! Sean Leahy over at Puck Daddy posted this unbelievable nugget regarding the Lowell Spinners having a “Tyler Seguin Speed Dating Night” and it send our DOY Staff Chat into a hilarious, and dark, place. Fucking speed dating. 

From the Lowell page:

Fans will have the opportunity throughout the evening to win a chance to spend time with the hockey superstar during the game. Each winner and their family will have the opportunity to spend five minutes with Seguin in a private suite, giving them the chance to ask the Stanley Cup Champion and NHL All Star questions, take photos, enjoy the game and who knows even score a phone number.

“When we asked the question “Who would be the one person in the Boston area that a Speed Dating Event Planner would want more than anyone?” The answer to us was Tyler Seguin,” said Spinners Vice President of Corporate Communications Jon Goode. “He is one of Boston’s most sought after Bachelors.”

Winners will be picked throughout the evening, through the Spinners Game Day program, Social Media sites, online auction and gameday contests.

This is amazing and sad all at once. Apparently Seguin has trouble finding ladies in the Boston area because he is ALWAYS doing some kind of dating contest. 

seguin dunks
That’s not the only thing though. AT&T had a creepo depo contest with Seguin called “Your House or Mine” where apparently you pick to get date raped at his house or yours. I wonder if Marchand joining in for a sweet Eiffel Tower is extra or not. Knowing Marchand, probably not. 

This is getting sad Mr. Seguin. 

Next thing you know, Seguin is going to be sitting center stage at the Square One Mall in Saugus during “Truth or Date” waiting for Mr. Svenning to ask some questions or listening to Brodie talk about his cousin Walter jerking off in an airplane.