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Sponsor a Beard, Help a Victim!

Hi, I'm Robb.  You may remember me from Twitter, DOYLive, or the fact that I actually used to post like…a year ago.  I wasn't going to participate in this year's Beard-a-thon, but the Bruins button-hooked me into it by donating to One Fund Boston.  

Therefore I stand before you, humbling asking that you donate money to my beard so that we can help people affected by the marathon bombings and say "Fuck You" to terrorists.  My target goal is to raise $1000, but I'm hoping to break that by the time the playoffs are done.  Given where the money is going, I'll be growing this beard throughout the duration of the playoffs, no matter how far the Bs go.

So please, give what you can, if you can.  I did a clean shave before Game 1, so my beard may not look like much now, but like the monster in the second half of an episode of Power Rangers, it will soon grow to monstrous proportions.


You can donate here: https://www.beardathon.com/bruins/rjpizzuto/profile.aspx


Thanks in advance everyone!