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Stanley Cup Finals: Game 2. Boston Bruins at Chicago Blackhawks. Bounce Back City, Population: Bruins

I'm not sure if people are ready to jump off the Tobin after the Blackhawks winning Game 1 in Triple OT, but if you are step back a little. Just a little. Get your toes away from the ledge. The Bruins will be fine. 

I know, I'm the voice of reason right now. That should scare the piss out of you because it scares me a little too.

But seriously, go back and watch the game again. It took a Johnny Oduya puck going off of Andrew Ference's skate to tie the game up. When you hit multiple overtimes, it's basically a coin flip. Boston had tons and tons of chances in each overtime and couldn't bury them. 

Oh well. 

Shit happens. 

I went on Facebook and said that everything will be fine with the Bruins and people were losing their shit. Look, I get it, they lost a 3OT game. If they win on Saturday night – it doesn't matter. All a road team needs to do is split. I said that when Boston won Game 1 in the Pittsburgh series. 

We were all worried going Game 1 that Boston wouldn't be able to skate with Chicago and it looked like they were able to hang in there. They were able, at times, to lock down the neutral zone and make Chicago work for entry. 

Tangent inbound: 

So I wasn't really on Twitter this week because I was on vacation. I kind of unplugged from everytihng but my xbox and just enjoyed some peace and quiet. In doing so, I missed some fantastic trolling opportunities when those cunt bags at Cubby Tee's showed this bad boy: 

Cubby tees

They've since pulled the shirts and issues some backhanded, craptastic apology about how it's satire and everyone needs to sack up. 

Firsst off, fuck off Cubby Tees. Your apology should have been an actual apology. What you should have said was: 

"Hey, we're sorry that some dickbag who works for us had this idea actually creep into their head and we're dumb enough to run prints of this shirt."

It's time to make a distinction because "Boston Strong" and "Boston sports" because the two are not hand in hand unless we're talking about a fucking marathon. Yes, it's completely bullshit that the Boston Bruins sell a "Boston Strong" t-shirt, but at least they go to One Fund. 

It's just like Chowdaheadz trying to trademark Boston Strong so they can sell t-shirts. 

It's all horseshit. 

Leave that phrase alone. Leave it off of the ice. Leave it off of sports enblazoned t-shirts. 

Jesus fucking Christ. Use your heads. 


Sorry. Actually you know what? I'm not sorry. Fuck you Cubby Tees. 

So yeah about Game 2. Well Nathan Horton practiced today with Krejci and Lucic. Seguin also split time with him and Carl Soderberg centered a third line of Peverley and Paille. 

Basically the lines are a fucking mess, but it's good to see Horton actually practicing. Gut feeling says he plays on Saturday. There were reports that throughout the playoffs, Horton has been getting injected with pain killers for his shoulder and I bet it was just to late for them to do that. 

It's probably not good to be shot up multiple times in a day with that shit right? Right? 

But a lot of things could change from now until then. We should just be happy that Horton isn't adam McQuaid or he'd lose a fight with his desk in the hotel room and be out for months with a concussion. Love ya Adam, but you'll never live that one down. 

After the jump, lines and stuff….


NHL Awards

Bergeron gets fucked out of the Selke then wins the King Clancy for pretty much being the best person in the world. 

I'm sure we'll have a post on it. 

Bruins Projected Lines

So like I said, Horton practiced but was also in the white non-contact jersey (which I didn't say). However my gut feeling was that Horton plays so…

Milan Lucic – David Krejci – Nathan Horton
Brad Marchand – Patrice Bergeron – Jaromir Jagr
Dan Paille – Rich Peverley – Tyler Seguin
Shawn Thornton – Chris Kelly – Kaspars Daugavins

Zdeno Chara – Johnny Boychuk
Dennis Seidenberg – Andrew Ference
Adam McQuaid – Torey Krug

Tuukka Rask


Milan Lucic – David Krejci – Tyler Seguin
Brad Marchand  – Patrice Bergeron – Jaromir Jagr
Rich Peverley – Carl Soderberg – Dan Paille
Shawn Thornton – Chris Kelly – Kaspars Daugavins



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I told Justin that if Boston loses Game 2, Dickguire is dead because people are pussies and complained about it I bet. 

Patrick Kane Is A Waste Of Sperm


Patrick Kane is such a fucking train wreck that his mother had to fly with him to Switzerland to babysit him. 

True story.

Mommy had to go make sure that Lil Patty was fed and taken care of and he didn't spend his day balls deep in 5 women orgies because he is a walking disaster. I mean, you're 24 years old – why is Mommy taking care of you? 

Sack up, you putz. 

Daddy should have shot you into a sock. 

Game Day Video/Image

You can save them. You can save all of them.