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Steven Kampfer butthurt over the trade he asked for

Man. Steven Kampfer didn’t take long to kick some dirt in his old team’s face after the Bruins’ loss last night.

Fuuuck. Where did that venom come from? We knew he always sucked but we didn’t know he was a jerkoff, too. Or was he just drunk?

He sounds butthurt that Bruins traded him but then admits he wanted to be traded. Que?

Kids these days. They’re a scrub back up for the Stanley Cup champs one year and the next they get all pissy when they don’t get ice time becuase they didn’t do shit. He was a -7 for the Wild. Kid should be rotting in the AHL somewhere.

But he’s right, if only we used his vast defensive skillset more the Bruins wouldn’t have lost.

Kampfer for Norris