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Tales from Europe: Seguin’s filthy apartment & Boychuk coked up on Red Bull


Now that the lockout is over and the Bruins are returning to stateside, a lot of fun or otherwise interesting tales of their European adventures are coming to light.

Such as the fact that Johnny Boychuk's team, EC Red Bull Salzburg, only gave its players Red Bull to drink. No water. No Gatorade. Just fucking gross Red Bull.


Makes sense that there'd be Red Bull in the locker room since it's the main sponsor, but no water or Gatorade? Seriously? How do you not drop dead on the ice?

Also, is there anything scarier than Johnny Boychuk coked up on Red Bull? Does his slapshots turn the puck into pure energy upon release?

Meanwhile, Chara is jealous his team wasn't sponsored by Coca-Cola.

Also, we learned — thanks to Deadspin and some really mouthy cleaners — that Tyler Seguin had a dirty apartment. Like a really dirty apartment. Or as the rest of us call it — being a 20 y/o bachelor.

From Deadspin (translated from The Local):


"The parquet floor was littered with coins worth 220 francs [$238]," Blick reported.

Coca-cola bottles, garbage and dirty linen lay scattered across the floor, while rotten bananas were left on a table, the newspaper said.

The bathroom was a shambles and the cleaning company spent a full day tidying the apartment.

In December, when Seguin returned to America, the staff were met with a similar stiff challenge.

Blick said the hockey player was "not versed in appliances" and as a result tried to wash his clothes in the dryer.

"He also did not know how to operate the dishwasher . . . when he ran out of clean plates, glasses and cutlery, he bought plastic tableware."

Marc Lüpold, the managing director of the cleaning company, was diplomatic about the revelations.

"You could tell it was the first time a young, single man had an apartment," Lüpold told Blick.

Apparently this is news because no 20-year-old male who's living on his own for the first time has ever had a dirty apartment. Ever. Never happens. We're all super clean neat freaks from the moment we live the nest and go out into the world on our own.

We feel bad that Seguin tipped these guys $200 and then they went and talked about how dirty he is. Jerks.

We did love this line though:

Blick said the hockey player was "not versed in appliances" and as a result tried to wash his clothes in the dryer.