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Teammates fail to stick up for Sabres’ Gerbe after being manhandled by NHL ref


Ever since Milan Lucic beat Ryan Miller out for a loose puck, the Buffalo Sabres and their fanbase have been crying out for more toughness, for more accountability. Apparently they realized that Patrick Kaleta is softer than a pool of Charmain Ultra. So what do they do? They hire that dude from the band Saliva and Brave Steve Ott. The idea was that those two would keep the big, mean bullies like the Bruins at bay… or something.

Anyways, apparently it's not working out too well for Buffalo. Last night, Nathan Gerbe got boarded pretty bad by Hurricane Drayson Bowman. SOme of his teammates decided to have a little lip action with Bowman. And then he gets manhandled by NHL referree Dan O'Halloran.

Damn. Hey, Sabres, how do you feel about all that?

After the game it's rumored thatn goaltender Ryan Miller called O'Halloran a "piece of shit" and then wrote some bad poetry about it.

Must suck when NHL refs are pushing your team around. Where was Who is John Scott and Brave Steve Ott when the Sabres needed them? Weren't they hired to deal with this exact thing? Once again someone takes advantage of a Sabre on the ice and no one does jack about it.