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Thank You To Our Amazing Readers

This is always my favorite post to write, but it’s also one of my least favorites. It usually means that the Bruins season is over. Unfortunately for this year it ended a lot sooner than we would have hoped. We were ready for the next round and possibly the Stanley Cup Finals. As grizzled veterans – Justin, Jon and I were ready to see what our rookies (Marshall and Chip) would bring to the table. Unfortunately we have to wait until next year when we clutch our buttholes in May while the Bruins battle (or even show up at this point) for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

But this isn’t about us. This is about you guys.

We’ve been around for about four years now (maybe three and a half?) and every year we seem to get more readers who are intelligent, thoughtful and well versed with talking hockey. Our Facebook page, individual Twitter accounts, Tumblr and every other ridiculous social media outlet we use are more or less filled with some fantastic people.

So we just want to say thank you.

Talking hockey with you guys is the reason we do for this practically nothing. Seriously – we make like nothing doing this. We just love it. We love talking to you guys. We love the interactions on Facebook and Twitter.

There’s a good possibility that we take a little time off to cool down. We have wives, children and Justin is the only one with a real life and has a book to put out so if we’re a little quiet, no worries.

But seriously from the bottom of our small, black, hearts we thank you for the amazing support, the laughs and everything in between.