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Thank you, Toronto. BRUINS WIN!

Well… guess the Bruins decided to take out their recent frustrations on the poor Maple Leafs. Apparently not making the playoffs yet again isn’t punishment enough. The Bruins literally rubbed their noses in it.

Two strong performances in a row. Ten goals (not counting the shootout) in their last two games which is more goals than they’ve had in all of 2012 combined. Okay, maybe that is a slight exaggeration. But our dear B’s are starting to look awesome again.

Tim Thomas grabbed the shutout and only hade to make 13 saves. The defense never even gave Toronto a chance. The offense had their way with Toronto’s defense like they met in a prison shower and Toronto dropped the soap.

There are not enough paper bags in Toronto tonight. What an embarrassing, embarrassing team. If the Days of Y’Orr staff had the capacity to feel bad for anyone, we’d feel bad for Toronto fans. 

Their team sucks. Their defense REALLY sucks. Not enough people talk about how much their GM sucks. Okay, yeah, he won a Cup with the Ducks. Glen Sather won a bunch of Cups. Is he still a good GM?

Don’t feel bad Toronto. At least you have the Raptors.

And the Blue Jays.

And golf.

This recap is going to be a little different. Instead of Positives and Negatives, we thought we’d throw Toronto a bone and give thanks for all they have given our fine city. Plus it would take us about three years to recap all the goals.

After the jump….. Toronto is the gift that keeps on giving…..

– Tank you for these guys
Leaf fans

– Thank you for giving Tim Thomas some much needed rest.

– Thank you for having an over rated GM who no longer knows how to build a team.

– Thank you for the 12 points! It was like beating candy out of a baby.

– Thank you for Tyler Seguin, Doug Hamilton and Jared Knight.

– Thank you for having someone as dumb as Mike Komisarek around to make sure Lucic’s boxing skills stay fresh.

– Randy Carlyle… thanks for turning Komisarek from an over paid healthy scratch to a punching bag. Never gets old.

– Thank you for refusing to admit your goaltending and defense sucks year after year.

– Thank you for giving the Bruins Decepticons a reason to come out of hiding.

– Thanks for the comedic value of your media and an increasing number of fans wanting to trade Kessel after they’ve bragged so much about getting the better end of that trade.

–  Thank you for letting your goalies work in the red light district.

– Thanks for making Brian Rolston look fast.

– Thank you for being such awesome Trolls. You always start the season on fire and give your fan base false hope before inevitably disappointing them.

– See you next season you not so lovable losers!