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That Tuukka Rask Kid Is Pretty Good, Didn’t Know If You Knew That. BRUINS WIN!

Boston looked good last night. 

That feels weird to say when the last 5 out of 6 games have been utter dogshit for the Bruins, but last night they looked like a hockey team. Not everyone was clicking  and no, the top two scoring lines didn't produce a goal, but that's what happens when your depth really plays a pivotal role. I mean, we can dissect this game all we want and make excuses as to why Boston won. 

Yes, it's Tampa Bay. 
Yes, Boston is fighting for their division
Yes, Tampa Bay is currently 13th in the East

But based on the past 6 games, none of this should matter. What matters is that the Bruins grabbed two crucial points in a game they should have won, because Montreal also won last night. So hey, let's remain positive. Apparently all the Bruins needed was for me to tweet nice things about them yesterday, instead of the usual negative garbage that spews from my brain to my fingers to your eyeballs. 

But I have no reasons to really complain about last night's game. Hell, even Lucic showed up. 

So let's get into this recap's ass…



– Fucking Tuukka Rask man. What an animal. He stopped 30 shots last night, including 12 in the final period to record his second straight shutout and his league leading 5th. His goals against average is a 1.97 and his save percentage increased to .930. That's a ridiculous number line if I've ever saw one, but idiot Claude has no problem coming out to the media and saying "Ah, ya know, ah we just don't the-ah, timely save from our goaltending tonight, ya know?" 

That was probably Rask's best save last night, but he had a tons of them like this, including one where he made back-to-back stop on a rebound that was very pretty. There's two games left and the Vezina Trophy race is between Tuukka and Bobrovski in Columbus. 


– Milan Lucic did stuff last night. He was tied for the team lead in hits with 4 and he fought. MILAN LUCIC FOUGHT SOMEONE, PEOPLE. Did he score a goal? Nope, but he was invested. I guess that's baby steps, right? I'll take a game like last night where he has 1 shot on goal (and 1 shot blocked) and he's being physical and fighting over a game where he has 4 shots on goal and is invisible the rest of the time. He made an effort last night, which was nice to see. 


– Dennis Seidenberg's bomb. 

It's good to see the defense getting involved in offense without them doing their usual terrible pinching and then giving up a 2-on-1 going the other way.


– Dan Paille got fucked out of the 7th player award by the Bruins fanbase because all these idiots who voted for Dougie Hamilton only know what places like NESN tell them. Before I get into Paille's goal last night, I want to rant a little bit. 

The 7th Player Award is for, all intents and purposes, bullshit. Whenever something is fan voted on, you can chalk it up to a popularity contest. So the award is supposed to be given out to the player who has exceeded all expectations throughout the season. Here are your two previous winners: 

2012: Tyler Seguin
2013: Dougie Hamilton

These two players are top ten picks. Seguin was a #2 pick and Hamilton was a #10 pick, they are supposed to be good. Basically the 7th player award is for a 3rd or 4th line guy who steps in and makes an impact, like Chris Kelly last year and Dan Paille this year. Instead, all those tweens and girls who look at Seguin and their no-no parts tingle get on the Internet and ruin it. 


Oh and Dan Paille says fuck you I'll core while Dougie is scratched. 

Suck it pinkies.


– Happy 3rd Birthday Days of Y'Orr. Sorry we missed it, we were watching a manhunt. But yeah, we're 3 years old so that's pretty awesome. 


– Dan Paille not getting the 7th player


– The Winnipeg Jets being the Winnipeg Jets and losing to the fucking Canadiens after being up 4-2. 

one job


– When is Nate done playing "Horton Gets A Boo Boo"? 

– When is Carl Söderberg going to do anything other then be strikingly handsome? 

– Do you remember when Matt Cooke ended Erik Karlsson's career and then Karlsson played 27 minutes last night? 

– When is Zdeno Chara ever going to rest?