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The Boston Bruin Guardian — The Bruin

Boston Bruins Guardian - The Bruin

We feel only slightly bad for Rick Rolling everyone with our Previewing the Boston Bruins Guardian post. We apologize for any mental trauma you went through.

To make it up to you we have the real deal.

Today’s the day we’ve all been dreading…err.. looking for — the unveiling of the Boston Bruins Guardian: The Bruin.

We’re not sure what the 6 means though.

Edit: Probably means Original 6. Thanks to the readers for pointing this out.

Is that I-93 behind him? 

After the jump… the NHL.com description.

From NHL.com:

The Bruin is a big kid – he’s curious, adventurous and often finds himself with a ferocious hunger. That being said, few are happier or more mild natured than the Bruin when his belly is full.  Although the Bruin gives off a blue collar vibe, he is one of the well-educated Guardians. This fact is attributable to the Boston area being home to over 100 institutions of higher learning including the oldest University in the United States. The Bruin is incredibly fast, has an uncanny sense of smell and is able to track things from miles away. 

He is the resident early alarm system for the Guardians as he can literally smell trouble coming.  He’s an excellent interrogator because he can tell if someone is lying just by smelling them and he has a roar that can freeze his opponents with fear. 

So his super power is he can smell everything and his weakness is a full stomach. Awesome.

Wow. Just… wow.