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PREVIEW 38: The Bruins Went Down To Jersey, They Were Looking For A Win To Seal


The Bruins went down to Jersey, they were looking for a win to seal.
They were in a bind 'cos they were way behind and was lookin' to make 1st real.
When they came across a Finn between the pipes and makin' it hot.
And the Marty hit the ice and said "Rask, lemme tell you what:
"I guess you didn't know it, but I'm a Hall of Famer, dude.
And if you'd care to lose right here, I'll be in debt to you.
Now you play a pretty good goalie boy, but give the old man his due:
I got a mask of gold against your soul that says I'm better than you."

The boy said "My name's Tuukka and it might be a sin,
"But I'll take your bet, you're gonna regret, 'cos I'm the best that's ever been"


Tuukka warm up your pads and turn that puck away
'Cos hell's broke loose in Jersey and the Devils are here to stay
And if you win you get two points and no one will ever scold
Plus you'll prove that Marty's just to old. 

Marty skated on the ice and said "I'll start this show."
And he turned those pucks away 'cos he is a pro.
Boston threw the pucks at him and Marty became pissed.
So the rest of the devils jumped in and looked something like this:

And when the dust settled, Tuukka said "You're pretty good old son.
"Sit down in that crease, right there, let me show you how it's done"

Fire on the scoreboard, run boys, run.
Bruins in the house, now it's time for fun.
Marty's inside his net, pickin' out pucks.
Lucic gonna run him cause he doesn't give a fuck.

Marty bowed his head because he knew that he'd been beat.
And laid his golden mask on the ground at Tuukka's feet.
Tuukka said "Devils just come on back if you ever want to lose again.
"'cause I told you once, you son of a bitch, I'm the best there's ever been."

And there was fire on the scoreboard, run boys, run.
Bruins in the house, now it's time for fun.
Marty's inside his net picking out pucks.
Jagr to Marchand like they give a fuck. 

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Projected Line-up

Milan Lucic – David Krejci – Nathan Horton
Brad Marchand – Greg Campbell – Jaromir Jagr
Rich Peverley – Chris Kelly – Tyler Seguin
Shawn Thornton – Kaspars Daugavins – Dan Paille

Zdeno Chara – Dougie Hamilton
Dennis Seidenberg – Matt Bartkowski
Andrew Ference – Johnny Boychuk

Tuukka Rask
Anton Khudobin

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