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The Causeway Saints Do It Again.

First Tyler Seguin sniped his brains out and put the Leafs away. Now David Krejci is a thug. You may not have known it based on his style of play, but he really is. First there was the “elbow” to Sidney Crosby’s dome piece that re-injured the superstar’s melon and left him to play Mario Kart with Marc Savard and Nathan Horton. Now there’s a new victim that was claimed by the Causeway Saints: Joffrey Lupul. 

It’s being reported that Lupul will miss 3-4 weeks due to this hit: 

Tyler Seguin is a sniper and David Krejci is a thug. Can’t wait for Damien Cox to write about how big of a goon Krejci is. Suck it Toronto!