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The Dreaded Two Goal Lead! BRUINS LOSE

I really have now words for the game I watched last night. After the first period, we all thought the game was over – and apparently so did the Bruins. Yes, one can totally blame the referee for making a horrible call on Bergeron's "Delay of Game" penalty, but the Bruins shouldn't have put themselves in that position to begin with. 

But then

I got nothing. Gutting loss really. 

– Milan Lucic has been a monster this early season. He's leading the team in goals with 7 and he's been playing all three zones really well. Basically, Milan Lucic woke up and realized he needed to be the man in Boston. He's making $6M this season, which the highest among all Bruins forwards, and he's earning it. 

Last night Lucic had another goal (one was credited to Iginla) and once again pushed himself around, making space for the other guys. He's moving his feet too, which is a big part of his game. If he can get that frame moving, he can be dangerous.

David Krejci has quietly been playing some of the best regular season hockey he's ever played. I know that' not saying a lot since Krejci seems to usually take the regular season to get ready for the playoffs, but Krejci once again found himself in the points column. 

If we're taking a national look at this, Krejci is among the league leaders in assists (10) – tied with the likes of Sidney Crosby [who is blowing up this season] and Anze Kopitar. He's playing well and I think the addition of Iginla adds a different dimension that the first like has been missing with Horton's tenure. 

So much for that cold start from Jarome Iginla. Since I wrote that post on why you should be worried about Iggy's production, Iginla has completely blown up. Since that October 22nd post, Iginla has scored two goals and has five assists in three games. 

Last night was probably his best game so far as a Bruin. He had a goal, which deflected off of the skate of Damien Brunner and had two helpers.

The Bruins power play was pretty good last night too, though it only got two chances – 50% on the PP is great. In fact, the Bruins opened the scoring with a Torey Krug power play goal. There's only so much you can do with limited opportunities, but if you can capitalize on the opportunities you have – good things will happen. 

Or so they should. 

The penalty kill was horrible and horrible is being nice. I don't even know how I can properly put into words how god awful the fucking penalty kill was last night. The Bruins allowed four – FOUR – power play goals last night. Their penalty kill killed 43% (3/7) of the penalties they took last night. 

40-fucking-3 percent. 

To piggy back on that, you have to talk about the Bruins discipline. It was horseshit – complete and utter horse shit. I get that the Bergeron delay of game penalty was ridiculous, but Boston shouldn't have been in that position. They're a much better team than New Jersey and Brodeur wasn't sharp. They should have bent New Jersey over and given it to them like it was a California casting couch. 

The rest of my mind is fuzzy, like it tried to completely phase out this piece of shit game after the first period. Not like I can blame myself – I also stayed up after and gunned people down in Grand Theft Auto Online so that probably had something to do with it. 

– Why do people get so pissed off when some shithead on Twitter does a variation of Boston Strong? Look, I get it – it was a tragedy and lives were lost. We, as citizens of Boston/Massachusetts and Boston sports fans can't give these morons the light of day because that's what they want. You never feed the trolls. 

– But what about the Mogwai?

– Why are toddlers full of such energy? GOD DAMMIT STOP RUNNING AROUND