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The Eastern Conference Finals Drinking Game

As we wait in anticipation for the Eastern Conference Finals to start, we're "treated" to a history lession of these two teams by reporters, commentators, and the unwashed masses on social media.  Granted, there is quite a bit of history there, both old and recent.  Only problem is, it's already been shoved in our faces so much that the only way to deal with it is to drink ourselves into sweet lovely oblivion.

Then we have all the talk about the star players that no doubt NBC is going to verbally jerk off game after game.  We'll hear about the effectivness of the Merlot line, how dangerous the Penguin's power play is, Jagr's legacy in Pittsburgh, Krejci's playoff swagger, and Sidney Crosby's stupid pouty lips.

Fear not readers, after the jump we bring you the…


1.  Any time a reporter or commentator swoons over a star player– 1 drink

2.  If the Iginla trade deadline controversy is mentioned– 1 drink

3.  If the commentators mention that both teams are recent Stanley Cup winners– 1 drink

4.  If anyone from the Merlot line gets a point– 1 drink for each point

5.  Any time a tweet is on the screen, drink for each tweet.

6.  Any time the Penguins get a Power Play drink
6a. Drink again if they score
6b. Drink twice more if the Bruins kill it.

7.  If Mario Lemieux or Cam Neely is show on camera– drink for the duration they are on screen
8.  If Jagr's history with the Penguins is brought up– 2 drinks
9.  If the fact that Bartkowski is from Pittsburgh or Ference played for them is mentioned– 2 drinks
10.  Any time Cooke/Savard is mentioned– 3 drinks.
Bruins Fans:  If the 91 Conference finals are mentioned, have a shot to dull the pain.
Penguins Fans: If the 91 Conference Finals are mentioned, have a shot for the fond memories.
Penguins fans: If you are drinking Sam Adams, give a drink to the Bruins fan of your choice.
If there is a goalie controversy in Pittsburgh, do 1 shot for each game it took to get there.
For extra drinking, play during the pregame and post game shows as well.  If you have a good rule to add to this, put it in the comments!
Happy drinking!