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The first time Lindy Ruff declared open season on goalies

Ray Emery fights Andrew Peters
We’re probably beating a dead horse here but, just to prove how hypocritical Lindy Ruff is:

Here’s video from 2007, when his Buffalo Sabres and the Ottawa Senators line brawled, including Andrew Peters taking on Ray Emery. Emery doesn’t even care if he wins these fights or not; he’s just having a blast out there. Emery’s awesome.

Ruff’s comments after that game

“I’m not going to comment what I had on my mind.”

After pausing, Ruff added: “Go out and run ’em.”

Compare that to his recent comments after Lucic and Miller collided mid-ice:

“We can hurt him, and all you get is a two-minute minor penalty. That’s essentially what that means. You can concuss the other team’s goaltender.”

So it’s cool to try caving a goalie’s face in but it’s a mortal sin to collide into one when chasing after a puck. Good to know. Thanks, Lindy. Clearly Lucic didn’t know the difference.

Update: Let’s also not forget the time Drew Miller (Ryan’s older brother) ran Josh Harding this month. No one even farted about this play.

Drew’s quotes on his bro getting hit:

“It’s unfortunate,” Drew Miller said after Red Wings practice Monday. “You watch that happen a lot, a guy racing for the puck like that and you see the goalie slides and the guy flies over him like different highlights in the past like that. He actually ran right through him. He’s a pretty big guy so it’s a pretty dirty play.”

Drew said he checked the boards before hitting Harding. Yea not so much. The whole Miller family are a bunch of ballsacks. 

S/T to Katie for the Drew-Harding vid. 

S/T to Michael Hurley for pointing out the Sens-Sabres video. This guy must moonlight as a jeweler ’cause finds gems.