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The Hall Now Has It’s Oates

After playing 1337 games, scoring 341 goals, assisting on 1079 other goals and acquiring 1420 points in his career, the previous undrafted Adam Oates is now headed to the Hockey Hall of Fame. It’s awesome to see former Bruins make it to the HHOF, and while I’m sure some people aren’t huge Oates fans (looking at you Scott!), Oates deserves to be there. I know that players don’t really go into the Hall has teams, but I hope that Oates is in there with some Bruins paraphernalia on. 

Looking at Oates, it’s amazing to see the number of teams he’s played on. Detroit, St. Louis, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, Anaheim and Edmonton were cities that Oates had to call home during the season. 

It’s also amazing to see that his best year came on the Bruins where he amassed 142 points behind 97 assists during the 92-93 season. Holy smokes.  

I’m a little surprised that Pat Burns didn’t make the HHOF, considering everything he’s done in the game and him passing away last year. The rest of the HHOF inductees include: Joe Sakic, Mats Sundin and Pavel Bure. Valerie Bure is inducted into the Banging DJ Tanner Hall of Fame. 

So congrats to #12 from Team DOY. You deserve it.