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The NHL Meets the Middle Ages (Photos)


When sports and nerd cluture mash-up it's a beautiful thing.

A few months ago, members of the SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism) were issued a challenge: Creative period-accurate clothing inspired by their favorite sports team. And at the recent event called Birka this past weekend, those up to the challenge showed off their hard work. 

And a few contestants decided to show off their NHL pride with some hockey-inspired medeival garb.

First up… Boston Bruins inspired medieval tunic and dress (click images for full size):

medieval boston bruins

Brown tunic with white and gold striping a la contemporary Bruins jersey. Fantastic. And her dress has the old school Bruins bear but modded to match period design. The big bad bruins have never looked so chivilrous.

Secondly, we have a buddy of mine showing off his Hartford Whaler pride:

medieval hartford whalers

Long live the Whale.

We know what you're thinking: "What? No Kings?" Hey, at least spearing is legal in SCA hockey…

OK, I'm done…

Both these outfits, of course, fit right at home with the San Jose Sharks chainmail that made headlines a few years ago. Great work by these three.

S/T to Shannon Hart for letting us use these photos.

UPDATED 1/28: Here are some closer pics of the outfits. Amazing work. The hockey socks on the bear is top notch.