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The Sean Avery Redemption

There’s very little love for Sean Avery across the NHL and its fans, and no where is he more hated than the Days of Y’Orr office.  No explanation needed, the guy’s just a giant douche, end of story.  So when we heard that he was arrested last Friday for assaulting a police officer, we couldn’t help but crack a smile.  

But then we got to thinking…doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? Prison is a hard place, hard enough to maybe even turn someone like Avery into an upstanding citizen after just a short time.  He’s since been released, but we wanted the inside story.  We wanted to find out just what happened to him within those walls.

Avery wasn’t available for comment, but we found someone who was.  Someone who befriended him for the short time he was locked up.  After the jump, he tells us the story of…

 Gotta admit, before last Friday I didn’t know much about ol’ Avery, just what the boys in the big house told me, and let me tell you none of it was too pleasant.  I didn’t think much of Avery when I first met him either…well, other than the fact that he was a little racist.

 Oh, it weren’t a big deal or nothing, being locked up as long as I have, you learn not to sweat the small stuff.  Anyways,  Avery and I got to talking a little more, nothing more than small talk though.  Avery must’ve heard through the grapevine of my talent for acquiring things from the outside, because it didn’t take long for him to approach me with a request.

It was a strange request, but I heard stranger.  There was just one issue.  I don’t know if you all know this, but there is just one way to smuggle things into a prison, and I ain’t never met a puppy that took kindly to being stuffed in someones rectum.  Mr. Avery would have to go wanting.  Still, we found ways to keep him occupied.

After that we were inseparable, two peas in a pod.  But it wasn’t long before I saw a change in Avery.  He didn’t talk about it, but everyone knew what happened.  They’re always looking for fresh meat and new blood in the showers, and he was as new as they get.

From what I heard from those that saw it happen, Avery never fought…he screamed though…screamed like a little girl.  Some say it drove him so mad that he was smiling after.  None of us blamed him for keeping to himself.   Believe you me, that kind of abuse makes all kinds of thoughts run through a man’s head.

Avery spent the rest of his time in prison with himself and his thoughts, nobody bothered him until he received the news of his release.

Well there you have it, that’s about all I can recall of Sean Avery’s short time in prison.  The boy came in here pretty rough around the edges, but the slammer has a way of changing people, and I think that he’s going to be changed for the better…