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The Sheriff rides back into Boston

Sheriff Shane Hnidy Boston Bruins try out
Per reports from basically everyone, Shane “The Sheriff” Hnidy is on a try out period with the Boston Bruins. He was seen in Vancouver earlier today, practicing with the Bs and wearing his #34 sweater.

The Sheriff sighting instantly sparked Bruins fans to collectively shit themselves in excitement. Blogs and MSM reporters are a bit more split on the issue.

And by split we mean the MSM guys love the move and bloggers are a bit more cold on the issue. We’re assuming Hnidy was a fun interview for the MSM fellas.

What do we think?

We like Hnidy. We love the Sheriff for things like this.

But let’s get real for a second. His stats weren’t very good when he was in Boston. He couldn’t make the Coyotes squad this fall and he hasn’t played hockey in almost a year. We also can’t see him bumping anyone in the Bruins defensive depth chart. An eighth d-man for Boston wouldn’t add any fuel to the competition fire — there’s already a game scratch on D that no one wants to be a part of. Hnidy would just end up be the d-man’s version of Paille. Do the Bruins really need that?

Only way we see Hnidy staying in Boston is if Chiarelli has more trades in mind, but Naoko is saying he’s at least a month away from being game ready, so that scenario is unlikely. We can also see the Bs signing Hnidy to the AHL and as a backup should anything happened to the current defensive line-up. 

So, we like the Sheriff but we’re not going to act like he’s the second coming.