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The Trash Cast EP 20: Super Hero Movies Are Garbage

You know what Internet? It’s time to address the big ole elephant in the room that is using $50 bills as toilet paper and regular toilet paper as dog toilet paper.

The comic book movie genre is incredibly over-saturated and a lot of them ride the proverbial suck stick.

In the newest episode of The Trash Cast, Greg and Bree sit down to chat about the overwhelming amount of superhero movies in our world. What movies did we like and what did we hate? How many superhero movies do we really need? Have we both just had enough of them? What’s with the sad state of DC live action movies? Exactly how good are the DC animated movies anyway?

Also included: Limp Bizkit, Korn, wrestling injuries, video games and a not-so thorough exploration of Canadian Newfie slang.

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