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The truth behind the Darth Quaider nickname

Back in early January we got an email from reader Leanne that we published in one of our recaps. She had a nickname idea for Mr. Adam McQuaid:

Darth Quaider Andrew Ference t-shirt
We came up with this in our January Bruins-Habs recap (scroll down toward the bottom)…
Darth Quaider
Today we saw several tweets about “Darth Quaider.” It looks like the nickname has spread to the Boston Bruins locker room via Andrew Ference.

Andrew Ference wearing Darth Quaider
And now other Bruins blogs are picking up on the nickname, acting like it’s some brand new concept. 

* Matt Kalman has a post on which nickname is better — Darth Quadier or Lone Wolf
* DJ Bean did a post on the Big Bad Blog about Ference’s t-shirt and Kalman’s nickname. Totally disregarded our post that debuted the Darth Quaider name (we assume he never saw our post)

So, we emailed Leanne to learn more about the idea. Did she actually come up with the idea or did it originate somewhere else? Did Ference also come up with a nickname (great minds think alike)? Or did he somehow hear it from fans. Here’s Leanne’s story.

 Darth Quaider email 2
So there you have it. DOY Reader Leanne came up with the nickname and got the t-shirt made (via DOY buddy Colleen Keenan, we hear). She wore it to a Bruins-Red Wings game where Andrew Ference saw it and pointed it out to Quaider. One week later, boomperiodshakalaka, Ference is walking around with a customized Darth Quaider t-shirt.

Time to give credit where credit is due. Good nickname, Leanne. Looks like it is catching on.