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This is the dumbest thing you’ll see today

Some jackwagon who commented on a Stanley Cup of Chowder post about the tradability of Tim Thomas has started a petition to trade the three time All Star Game winner, Conn Smyth winner, two-time Vezina trophy winner, and Stanley Cup champion.

Oh noes! All of two signatures. Pretty sure Fluto and KPD signed this. Felger will be next. Also, goal of 100 signatures? Way to set the bar high, fellas.

You can tell the people running this thing are assclowns since they used a Tim Thomas jersey image with a captain’s C patch. Also, I don’t think the BPHA would get involved in this at all. It’s not really what they do. Jokes.

We’re hoping this is actually a ploy to find all the idiots out there who want to trade Timmy and then go visit them a la Jay & Silent Bob style.

To wash your brain of the dumb you should go read this other post we did.

Go Bruins. Go bWo!