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RECAP: Thornton Saves Us All. BRUINS WIN!


You know Bruins, you really should learn to show up from the start for these important division games. Look, we know you're very generous and you like to spot overrated teams a couple of goals to boost their self esteem but you can't keep doing this.

Though seriously, we do admire your heart to come back from all these deficits. Great practice for the playoffs we supposed. Doesn't  hurt to be prepared.

Especially when you have the LEGEND Shawn Thornton. Need a boost? A face punched in? A beautiful, timely goal? You know who to call.




– Fighting Adam McQuaid is NEVER a good idea.


– Rase is the cluuuuuuuuuuuutch.

– Dennis Seidenberg. We don't need to give a reason.

– Girls go wild for David Krejci's MAGIC HANDS!


– Bruins defense in the first period.

– So McQuaid may or may not have boarded Chris Neil. We admit it was VERY questionable. Seemed like a combo of McQuaid dishing out a questionable hit and Neil going down to fast to buy a penalty. 

– And then Chris Neil reminded us why he's such a piece of shit. That fucking knee-on-knee he dished out on Chris Kelly was absolutely bush league and uncalled for. Chris Neil is a useless piece of trash. We hope you're okay Mr. Kelly.

– Has anyone seen Nathan Horton? Anyone? ANYONE!?

– Or Milan Whocic?


– How awesome was our homoerotic DOY pre game show?

– Did Jon even spell check this recap? (Jon's Note: No, he did not)

– How much does Paille want to shove that goal in our faces?

– Not a question, but Paille totally deserves to shove it in our faces.

– How much are Greg and Pizz going to slap Jon and Justin after they watch the pre game show?

– Wasn't Pizz's cameo GLORIOUS!?!