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Three Boychuk Moon

Our man-crush on Johnny Boychuk is well known. Everything from Boychuk Facts to Super Boychuk proves it. We couldn’t deny it even if we wanted to.

And so we bring you, dear readers, a new Boychuk photoshop — one we had hoped to turn into a t-shirt until we realized we’d probably be sued by the Boston Bruins and Johnny Boychuk’s agent for trademark, copyright and likeness infringement. 

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it as, say, a computer background.

We present: Three Boychuk Moon.

Three Boychuk Moon -- Johnny BoychukClick here for the full-size image.

Copyright notice: You try stealing this image and we’ll sue and kick your ass…. unless you’re Johnny Boychuk. Just sayin’. Go Bruins.