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Three minutes of the best Tim Thomas highlights

Tim Thomas 2011 Playoff Highlights
While everyone else in the NHL is jerking off to #JagrWatch, we’re still basking in Boston Bruins Stanley Cup victory.

We stumbled across this sweet video of Tim Thomas 2011 Playoff Highlights — maybe the best three minutes of video you’ll watch this weekend.

Seriously, was there anyone more hungry and more determined than Thomas this playoffs? We think not. When we were interviewed by Vancouver newspapers and radio stations we predicted how well Thomas would be in the playoffs. We told them about the chip on his shoulder and his determination. Vancouver newspapers said something about LOLongo — we don’t remember what exactly. Pretty sure we were rolling our eyes at that point and dreaming of Timmy saves.

Speaking of Thomas, we still have a handful of the “Triple Crown Thomas” t-shirts still left. We have every size but Medium (which is sold out).