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Tim Thomas Goes Ilyn Payne on Carl Soderberg

Tim Thomas's return to Boston didn't go according to plan… for Thomas anyways. Letting in six goals in front of fans who used to worship you must've been tough. Thomas has always been an emotional player not afraid to get physical when necessary.

Thomas after the game:

“The play before that he did quite a hard jab and then all of a sudden the puck is up in the air, you’re catching it, and his stick is in my throat,” Thomas said, by way of explanation. “With less than a minute left in a game and they’re up by four goals, 6-2, I took exception to that.”

Thomas also after the game:

"I think I might've enjoyed myself watching the State of the Union more."

Anyways…Clearly Thomas thought the Bruins would ease off the gas, which makes sense since that's a very Bruins thing to do when taking the lead. Slashing Soderberg wasn't a smart play but it was very Thomas. It was the same shit we loved seeing when he played for Boston, only he did it to a Bruin this time. You decide if you're going to bitch about it or give him a pass. We doubt he'll get suspended for it.

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