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Tim Thomas’ Greatest Hits: Volume 1

Somehow, in between all the crying about the Bruins being physical, the ice being slippery and the sky being blue, Vaginault finds time to bitch about Timmy coming out of his crease as well as being a physical force.

But Timmy dishing out hits like it’s a give-a-way bag at a 10-year-old’s birthday party isn’t new.

Here in Boston we’re used to Timmy laying some smackdown on bitches when called upon.

Here are Timmay’s Greatest Hits. 

Let’s start with the most recent ones.

Thomas retaliates to Burrows; gives him Waffle Sandwhich
After Burrows hatchet jobs the butt-end of Timmy’s stick, Thomas exacts some revenge with a nice slash across Burrow’s legs. Burrows doesn’t like this. Sadly, he’s not smart enough to realize what a horrible idea this is.

If this was the Lucic slashing LOLongo’s stick out of his hands, we’re sure Vaginault would’ve been crying over goalie interference or some bullshit. Thomas just takes matters into his own hands. Stud.

It’s like America’s Top 40 after the jump… the hits keep on coming.

Thomas gives a Sedin a Checking 101 lesson
And another recent hit on the Canucks. Guy has more hits than the Sedin gnomes.

Nice embellisment by Sedin by kicking his legs up in the air like a cartoon character. Holy shit what a wuss.

Photo from Joe A.
Thomas v. Price — Goalie “fight”
During an all-out bloodbath at the Garden, Thomas and Price decide they’re bored watching everyone else take swings at each other and decide to mingle. Their fight was more of a waltz since both guys actually like each other. Timmy didn’t want to ruin Price’s prettyboy face or Jersey Shore haircut.

Still, we were jumping up and down like school girls when we saw Timmy leave his crease for this one.

Sean Avery clips Thomas… Timmay angry
NHL douche Sean Avery clips Thomas’ head while skating by during a television timeout. Thomas pauses, sees who it is and then goes into kill mode. Shoestring is lucky he still has a face.

“Waffles taste great for breakfast but not too good to early in the third period of a hockey game.” — Jack Edwards

Timmay drops Andrei Kostitsyn like a bad habit
Thomas is a vigilante. Also, Montreal sucks.

UPDATE (9:43am)
Thomas tryouts for the New England Patriots
We totally missed this one somehow. Thanks to @BHockey77 for pointing it out to us. Thomas launches himself at Blake.

Go Bruins!