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Tim Thomas Rises

Last summer Tim Thomas announced that he was taking a year off for the Three Fs… Funions, Fondue, and Fun. OK, that might not be exactly it.

Anyways, his agent, Bill Zito, announced yesterday that Tim Thomas is indeed leaving his Colorado bunker and attempting to make a comeback. The Internet shit themselves for some reason like they were surprised Thomas wasn't jokking. When has Thomas every said he was going to do something and then didn't? So really this isn't huge news, but should make the free agency market a bit more fun.

Tim Thomas returns to the NHL


The remaining free agents on the market, like Thomas, are mostly veterans nearing the end of their careers. Some question how affective Thomas can be at 39 years old after taking a year off from playing. Thomas has also made headlines for his controversial political opinions, the biggest of which involved him skipping the Bruins' visit to the White House after winning the Stanley Cup.

Despite the concerns, there could be a market for Thomas. Tim Panacchio of Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia recently reported that a source close to Thomas said he is intrigued by the Philadelphia Flyers, who recently bought out Ilya Bryzgalov two years into his 9-year, $51 million contract. The Flyers are among the teams still in the market for a goalie.

Everyone's throwing the Flyer's name around and makes sense since they bought out Bryz. Timmy might actually slow the revolving door that is the Flyers' goaltending situation. With Kiprusoff retired, the Flames could use a veteran goaltender. But knowing Feaster he'll probably want Joey Mac to be the starter despite his awful numbers. Timmy to the Aves has also been tossed around by some, but probably more because it's a pretty low-key city than Colorado's need. They have Giguere and Varlamov. Not spectacular goaltending-duo, but hard to see them going for a third veteran goalie unless they want to ditch one of the two.

Thomas has also said he wants to return to Team USA. Good luck, bro.

Is it Friday yet?