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Tim Thomas, Roberto Luogno: Best of Friends


Tim Thomas and Roberto Luongo are the gifts that keep on giving. Next to Timmy's flashy goaltending, we miss photoshopping him every night. So thanks, Panthers and Canucks for making the Luongo to Florida trade, so we had an excuse to search for Thomas' face in Google again.

But to quickly recap, in case you hadn't heard, Roberto Luongo did in fact finally get traded. Back to the Florida Panthers he goes where he'll meet up with his new teammate and former Stanley Cup rival, Tim Thomas.

Two elite goaltenders on the same time, you say? They can't co-exist, you say? Think again!


Hell yea. That's the sort of positivity the mainstream media will hate to see. Two arch-enemies building bridges over the tears of sports writers and… wait… what's that? Tim Thomas was just asked about Roberto Luongo?


Of course, there's no way of knowing if Timmy was jesting or not and it's not like Fluto or any other writer is going to provide context for twitter, so for now we'll leave it up to you if Thomas was just making the obvious joke or if he's actually miffed. Haggs said Timmy didn't look to pleased before the game, but maybe he just read another story about Obamacare or something. Who knows.

What we do know is that we can't wait to see Tim Thomas and Roberto Luongo on the same team.