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Tim Thomas’s new backplate pays tribute to Revolutionary War, Bedford Flag

We love the different designs of Tim Thomas’ goalie mask, especially when he went with the simple white/gray look and then again with his Movemeber mask. Well it looks like Timmy is changing things up again, though this time a bit more subtly. He’s changed his mask’s backplate from the Snake/US Flag “Don’t Tread On Me” image to a design reference th Bedford Flag.

Here’s the old design.

backplatePhoto: Scott Slingsby, InGoalMag.com

And here’s the new design. Picture taken by Colleen SK

Bedford Flag Tim Thomas

The thirteen stars is pretty obvious. The faint stars in the background is a nice touch, too. We’ll assume there are supposed to be fifty there. As for the “arm of god with sword/dagger,” that’s a bit more obscure. For the historical impaired (thanks to Kate for finding this):

The Bedford Flag is the oldest complete flag known to exist in the United States.  It is celebrated as the flag carried by the Bedford Minuteman, Nathaniel Page, to the Concord Bridge on April 19, 1775, the beginning of the American Revolution, but it was already an antique on that day.  It was made for a cavalry troop of the Massachusetts Bay militia early in the colonial struggle for the continent that we call “the French and Indian Wars.”

The Bedford Public Library website has more about the Bedford Flag if you’re a history dork like me. We’re curious as to what the banner on Timmy’s mask says. It looks like there’s too many characters to be the “Vine Aut Morire” (which means “Conquer or Die”) from the Bedford Flag. Also not sure what the deal is with the archer on the right side of the plate. First we thought maybe it was his Zodiac sign but it’s not. Any ideas, dear readers?

No surprise that Tim Thomas — the man who doesn’t want to talk politics but does — would pay tribute to the Revolutionary War in his new backplate. We’re expecting Timmy to vote for General George Washington this fall, if he votes at all. Cool design all around.