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Too Little Too Late. Yet Again. BRUINS LOSE.



Dammit Bruins.

What the HELL happened to you? What happened to the team with heart and desire? What happened to the team that gave their all? What happened to the team that gave EVERYTHING on the ice no matter what? Did that team get replaced during the lockout?

The Bruins have been absolutely DISGUSTING this series. If the Bruins had someone like Fleury instead of Rask they would've been making tee times days ago and Toronto would already be celebrating making it to the second round.

Toronto is a team that quite obviously wants it more. This isn't even up for debate. Boston should be playing like a team with nothing to lose. Instead they're playing like a team that just doesn't care.This isn't an issue that can be pinned on any one player. EVERYONE other than Rask should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

How embarrassing has this team been?

It's one thing to go all out and lose. No team wins 100% of the time. No team ever has. If you watch your team go balls to the wall and still lose, it sucks but at least you know they were trying.  This Bruins team looks like they just don't give a crap. They look like they WANT to be golfing.

Toronto is playing like they should: they're playing like they absolutely don't want their season to end and they'll do ANYTHING in their power to extend their season. The Bruins are playing like they shouldn't: they're playing like they DON'T want Toronto's season to end and they'll do absolutely anything to make sure Toronto advances.

The Bruins have played like a team that bought into their own hype. They have dominated the Leafs the past few seasons and went into the season playing like a team that expected their opposition to just roll over and die. They came out in Game 1 and DOMINATED again. Since then they've played like a team that didn't expect the Leafs to fight back and then had ZERO idea what to do when their opponent wouldn't just die for them.

Whatever. Done thinking about this tonight. The Leafs deserve this series. Don't care what you think about that statement. Bruins have played like zombies. The fact that our dear Bruins REFUSE to respond positively to any adversity or to Toronto's desire should really tell you all you need to know.

Showing up for the last five minutes of a game isn't even close to enough. Not even close.

And if the Bruins do win Game 7, are you really confident they could win again, playing like this, against a team better than Toronto? Not without a heart transplant.

– Tuukka Rask. You really have to feel bad for him. Some fools still try to pin the Philly collapse squarely on his Finnish shoulders for whatever reason. Rask has played his balls off this series. He deserves to win. Too bad the team in front of him doesn't. If not for Rask, the Bruins are golfing by now. 

– Toronto fans chanting "Thank You Seguin!" Honestly, it was hilarious. Kessel has been money this series. You can't even try to disagree.

– We don't have time to list all the negatives. And really, do you want to be reminded of them all again? 


– Be honest with yourself. Do you really believe this Bruins team, with their complete lack of heart and desire and their refusal to adjust to Toronto's strategy, can win a Game 7? If you can honestly say yes you're either the biggest homer on earth or as dumb as us.

– How many Bruins are going to come out yet again in interviews and say "we know how important the next game is, we have to play harder" and then play like the game isn't even remotely important?