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Top secret look into the Penguins new hockey strategy

After being embarassed on home ice for two straight games the Pittsburgh Penguins looked to their fearless leader Dan Bylsma for a new offensive and defensive strategy. Well, they got one.



Yup. The Penguins worked on Hangman. Hangman.


We didn't realize Bylsma was taking coaching advice from Kris Letang. Speaking of Uncle Jesse, he had an amusing quote yesterday:

Like we saw in the game, they don’t really forecheck us, they just wait for us to make mistakes, and we actually gave them what they got, and we have to be better with the puck, without the puck, defensively, in all areas of the game.

Right. The Bruins don't forecheck And the Red Wedding wasn't really red.

You can find more amusing Kris Letang quotes on twitter via the hashtag #KrisLetangQuotes. Even Pens fans jumped on board the fun.

S/T to @MikeDarnay for an inside look at the Pens newest strategy.