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Tougher than Kaleta… a review

We asked you all: What’s tougher than Patrick Kaleta?

Maybe we should’ve asked:

Well played, Kevin; well played.

Below is just a small listing of things that are tougher than Kaleta. Check out the “Tougher than Kaleta” folder at our Picasa page for all the pics sent to us. We’ve given credit where credit is due without giving out too much personal info, hence just first names or first names and last initials. If you want full name credit, let us know.

From Guid921


After the jump… lot more things tougher than Kaleta.


And off we go!

From Mark E.

Grapes’ coat is definitely tougher than Kaleta

We love that we write for a blog in which readers send us pictures like this.

From Bruce C.

This bear really just likes to take it to team goons. He’s been seen attacking Carcillo in the past.

Tougher than Kaleta? It’s a push.

Grizzly bears aren’t the only ones bears tougher than Kaleta.

From Mark E.

We got a lot of panda submissions, actually. Pandas, apparently, are not only tougher than Kaleta, but are also the hip animal of the year.

From Lisa G.

These things will sometimes eat their young. Don’t fuck with pandas, Kaleta.

Tougher than Kaleta

This email… tougher than Kaleta.

For those who don’t get it, read the Flyers-Bruins recap and comments.

This is just low…

From Mark E.

Crosby ‘stache… tougher than Kaleta.

Johnny Weir’s makeup. Tougher than Kaleta.

From Ryan F.

Boxing squirrel takes after Thornton. 

Child-proof bottles. 100x tougher than Kaleta.

From Guid921

Ah, memories.

Google Kaleta and you’ll find a lot of pics of his head whipped back. *Insert generic deep throat joke*

Oh yea… this kid from Glee… definitely tougher than Kaleta.


From Bruce C.
Nasty, big, pointy teeth!

Get ready for the eye bleach.

From Ryan F.

Nude Chara is still tougher than Kaleta.

From Guid921

Semin trying to fight. Barely tougher than Kaleta.

And lastly…

From Mark E.

Looking forward to tomorrow night’s Bruins-Sabres game.

Go Bruins!